The equipment and supplies we provide for forensics teams and specialists is always growing, and we are confident we can supply you with the most innovative products for your forensics needs -- whether it is within the police sector or the medical field. Webster gets it. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us.

Here is a representative product list of the types of
forensics equipment and supplies we can offer:

Forensics – Police:
  • Cadaver Bags
  • Crime Scene Tape
  • Evidence Bags, Containers & Supplies
  • Fingerprinting Equipment, Accessories & Supplies
  • Gloves
  • Gun Racks
  • Metal Detection Composite Identification Kits & Systems
  • Photographic Equipment & Supplies
  • Test Equipment & Supplies
Forensics – Medical:
  • Controlled Environmental Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Mortuary Equipment
  • Necropsy Tables, Cadaver Equipment
  • Operating Room Furniture
  • Scales